Celebrate SysAdmin Day with Sophos – play a retro video game, win prizes!

Celebrate SysAdmin Day with Sophos – play a retro video game, win prizes!

Retro WeekThis Friday, July 31, 2015, is System Administrator Appreciation Day (SysAdmin Day for short). To show our thanks for all you really hard-working, but totally under-appreciated sysadmins out there, we’re celebrating all day, all night, all week long.

Last year, we gave away some rockin’ socks, and one lucky IT pro in our “Sysmas” contest won our Ultimate IT Throne. We’re stepping it up to a whole new level this year with Sophos Retro Week, throwing back the clock to the 1980s. Because who isn’t nostalgic for bad fashion, big hair, and crazy-fun, 8-bit video games?

We’re giving away a ton more sweet prizes that will make you want to jump in your Delorean and go back in time to 1985!

To enter our contest, all you have to do is play our classic throwback video game “IT Inferno.” In the game, you are the overworked sysadmin, running around fixing all your hapless coworkers’ computers (they probably spilled who-knows-what on them). You need to dodge obstacles, keep your energy up, and undo the damage before any of the computers blow up – like real life, it’s not as easy as it sounds.


lunchbox-150Everyone who plays and registers their score wins some free retro socks or a slap bracelet (no matter how low your score). And the top 25 high scorers each day of Sophos Retro Week win a lunchbox filled with socks and slap bracelets.

Oh yeah, there’s more!

arcadegame-150Tweet a photo of yourself holding a piece of retro ’80s tech hardware using the hashtag #SophosRetroWeek. On July 31st we’ll pick our favorite tweets – if yours is one of them, we’ll treat you with a custom arcade console packed with 60+ games from the ’80s!

Make sure to keep up with Retro Week activities on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. (Psst, follow @Sophos_News to see our special daily contests!) And definitely check out the excellent content on our award-winning Naked Security blog, where we’ll be celebrating SysAdmin Day all day long on Friday. (You also might like to try typing in “Asteroids” to the Search bar on Naked Security. Just to see what happens…)

So, get pumped up with your fave caffeine drink (Jolt Cola anyone?), warm up those arrow-key fingers, and practice your IT Inferno skills.

You deserve the break: grab those headphones so the boss won’t know, maybe crank up your favorite heavy metal tunes (we’re thinking Judas Priest), and get playing!

Kick off your retro adventure here: https://go.sophos.com/retroweek/

UPDATE: Sorry everyone – now that Retro Week has passed, the contest is over and the game has been shut down. But we promise we’ll have more fun and games for you soon – stay tuned!


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